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Are Gaming Laptops Good for Programming? Expert Guidelines in 2022

Guys, Everyone love to play games on laptops even you and all are but the question is here, Are gaming laptops good for programming? Gaming laptops are known to handle a lot more than regular laptops.

It’s designed with performance in mind, with powerful GPUs and CPUs as well as the massive amount of RAM needed to handle hardware-intensive tasks.

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Is a Gaming Laptop Suitable for Programming?

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Gaming laptops are great for programming because they can handle hardware-intensive tasks at much faster speeds.

Gaming laptops usually have a larger amount of RAM so you can open multiple software and browsers without slowing down your laptop.

It also has greater GPU and CPU power, which can help with resource-intensive tasks such as training deep learning models.

Gaming laptops offer more features and specs, but depending on the type of coding you’re going to do, they might not be the perfect option.

Giving you Answer within  Depth

Programming itself is not very resource-intensive. You can use a text editor and be good at programming.

However, developers and programmers need various tools that are CPU or GPU intensive.

Therefore, having a good set of hardware is very important for a proper programming experience.

And in this age of AI and ML, GPUs seem to be a necessity rather than an option for programmers and developers.

In terms of performance, gaming laptops dominate. Gaming laptops also have good quality keyboards and bright screens.

And the battery backup is even better. So all in all, it’s a perfect option for many programmers.

Things to Consider Before Buying Laptop

Most gaming laptops are good for performance, but not all laptops are suitable for programmers and developers. So, there are some specifications to consider before buying.

1. Solid CPU

At a basic stage of development, any program may lack proper optimization, resulting in long execution times.

A powerful CPU can help you run faster, which can help you be more productive.

Besides, fast multi-core processors are useful for running virtual machines or containers.

2. Enough RAM

This may seem counterintuitive at first. It doesn’t require a lot of memory to run the IDE.

However, as I said earlier, any program that is in the alpha stage of development may lack memory optimization.

If your RAM is low, programs may not run properly or may hang. Having more memory is also important for smooth multitasking.

It’s a memory hog, especially if you’re using container applications like Docker or Linux Containers. You want to install at least 16 GB of RAM.

3. Comfortable Keyboard

Developers will spend hours typing. This is what makes the keyboard one of the most important tools in our daily work.

For the best coding experience, your laptop’s keyboard should be comfortable and easy to use.

4. High-Resolution Screen

Brighter and larger screens with high resolution are great for programming. Staring at the text for long periods can often cause eye strain.

This is especially true if you are programming outdoors or in a room with a lot of ambient light.

So, an ideal laptop for programming should have a bright screen with a measured brightness of at least 400 nits.

5. Graphics Card

Dedicated (sometimes called discrete) graphics cards are not very important to programming.

However, a proper GPU is essential for game development or machine learning applications.

And as the field of AI expands rapidly, you may want to consider a graphics card even if you don’t need it right now.

6. Weight

Gaming laptops are heavier than regular laptops. However, very heavy laptops are not very portable. Ideally, your gaming laptop should weigh less than 5 pounds.

7. Good Battery Backup

Most gaming laptops are notorious for poor battery backup. However, programmers want adequate backups when working outdoors or away from power cords.

Ideally, your laptop should provide at least 6-7 hours of screen time.

People Also Asked

What is the Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and a Regular Laptop?

Gaming laptops are an improved version of regular laptops and offer even more better specs.

Such as dedicated graphics cards, powerful processors, a combination of SSD and HDD memory, multiple fans, 1080p resolution, and a wider screen.

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Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Daily Use?

Yes, gaming laptops are great for everyday use, but the only problem with gaming laptops is that they are a bit heavier than regular laptops and require more power to run the CPU and GPU.

So the battery doesn’t last that long. However, it works similarly to a regular laptop with the difference that it is optimized with performance in mind.

Can I Use a Gaming PC for Programming?

The answer is yes you are able to use a gaming pc for programming, this will be good because pc has a great enough spec for coding.

What Type of PC is Best for Programming?

Have you heard some news about code camp and now you want to join the wagon? Obviously, you need a computer to work with code.

Of course, not all computers, but the best money you can buy. All programmers use their own proper tools, so all I can help you is sharing my arsenal.

The computer above costs only $3,000, and if you’re serious about programming and want to make a living from it, you’ll break your piggy bank and invest in your career.

Gorgeous aside, this machine will be an extension of your thinking. It will help you create amazing software without getting in the way and discreetly.

All the processing power you need will be at your fingertips and you won’t stumble on this machine as much as you try.

Do Programmers Need High Specs Laptops?

No, it’s not important to buy a high-performance specs laptop if you want to learn programming you need a normal laptop for learning.

When I was learning my laptop was dell latitude and it was enough to learn code.


Gaming laptops offer far superior specs than regular laptops. It can be very useful for programming, but it can cost a lot more than the average laptop and have more specs than you need or can use.

What matters is the type of programming you want to perform. For example, if you are interested in AI and are going to train a deep learning model.

A gaming laptop would be of great help unless you prefer to train the model in the cloud.

If you don’t use a lot of computing power, it’s best to choose a cheaper laptop with the specs you need.

The type of laptop you need depends on the type of laptop you need. The type of programming depends on the type of laptop you need.

If you need an IOS programmer rather than owning a Mac to Apple development tools like Xcode. of the programming you do.

So the topic is end here if you like this article then hit the comment section, And if you have any questions then hit the comment section, I am here to answer you.

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