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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use? You Must Know in 2022

Are you planning on buying a new laptop and want to know How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use? If you’re looking for a rough answer to the question “How much power does your laptop use?” then the best answer we can give you is in this article.

Everything You Need to Know About How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

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How much energy does it consume? On average, a laptop with a 15-inch screen consumes around 50-60 watts per hour. is. This is an estimate as there are various factors to consider.

Every laptop model is different, and if you want exact numbers, you’ll need to examine their components. We will cover all of this later in this guide.

The good news is that laptops aren’t “energy-hungry”, so any model you use should consume less power. Also, read Do Gaming Laptops Last Longer than Normal Laptops? Expert Guide in 2022

These are Things to Consider

As new notebook models continue to be released, manufacturers are leveraging new technologies to minimize power consumption.

They are making certain changes that do not impair the use of the laptop but reduce the wattage consumed by the machine.

The amount of power consumed by laptops will improve in the future.

It’s important to know that the type of laptop you use determines how much power it consumes.

Connecting a lot of external hardware such as external hard drives, webcams, etc. to the laptop increases power consumption.

So let’s take a look at the factors that affect the power consumption of a laptop.

1. Workstations and Game Consoles

A standard general-purpose laptop draws 50 to 60 watts per hour. If you have a high-end workstation or have a gaming laptop, the amount of energy you consume is much higher.

Some high-end workstations and gaming laptops can draw more than 100 watts per hour. These types of laptops generate a lot of heat, so if you have such a laptop.

We recommend using a stand with a cooling fan to cool it. Charging this type of laptop will consume more power.

2. Different CPU Types

It would be interesting to know that laptops with lower-rated CPUs often consume more power than laptops with higher-end CPUs such as Intel i7 or i9 processors.

Advanced processors don’t require a lot of power to handle the applications you run on your laptop.

If your laptop has a lower-rated CPU, resource-intensive applications will require you to work much harder.

With a higher-rated CPU and the same applications, it works more efficiently and consumes less power.

3. What Graphics Card do you Have?

If your laptop has a high-end graphics card, it will consume more power than a computer that doesn’t.

For the best gaming experience on your laptop, you may need a high-end graphics card.

High-end workstation laptops and gaming laptops almost always include high-end graphics cards that consume more power.

Graphics cards in laptops usually have high-performance CPUs if they fall into the high-spec category.

Laptops require a high-quality display to take advantage of the capabilities of the graphics card’s capabilities.

And the laptop’s battery capacity must also be high. All this increases power consumption.

4. How Much Power does your Laptop Use When you Plug it in?

Gaming laptop users will know that all components are high-spec. Most modern games are very resource-hungry and require hardware to handle them.

Gaming laptops typically consume around 180 watts per hour. Do you own or are considering buying a MacBook laptop?

In this case, you should know that the MacBook Pro with the 13-inch screen draws 61 watts per hour, while the

MacBook Pro with the larger 15-inch screen draws around 87 watts per hour.

5. How Many Watts does the Laptop Charger Use?

There are usually two types of power adapters/chargers that come with laptops. If your laptop has a 15″ screen, it’s very likely to draw about 65 watts per hour when connected to a charger.

Larger laptops with 17-inch screens typically have chargers that draw about 90 watts per hour when plugged in.

If you want your laptop charger to consume less power per hour, choose a laptop with a smaller 15-inch screen.

To maintain a 17-inch screen, more power consumption is required.

How to Reduce Laptop Power Consumption?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce your laptop’s power consumption. Now that you know which features consume the most power, use these proven methods to reduce power consumption on your laptop.

1. When the notebook is fully charged, remove the power adapter from the power outlet.

2. Use the charger when your laptop battery is only 10% charged. Try not to fall below this level.

3. Be careful not to overcharge your laptop. It may weaken the battery and consume more power.

4. If you can update your hardware to ease the burden on current specs, do so.

5. Always allow the laptop to cool briefly before vigorous use again.

6. Buy a laptop stand with a cooling pad to keep your laptop as cool as possible.

7. All of these tasks are straightforward, except for hardware upgrades.

A simple RAM upgrade can often make a big difference. So check out what’s possible.

Calculate the Power Consumption of your Laptop

You can manually calculate the power your laptop consumes. The first thing you need to know is how much power your power adapter has.

Usually, this is printed on brick. Other components of the laptop increase power consumption, such as CPU type and graphics card GPU.

You can find the average power consumption of the CPU in your laptop by doing an online search. Check the respective websites of Intel or AMD for this information.

The same goes for graphics cards. For example, if you have an Nvidia card, go to their website and check the power consumption.

Laptop CPUs draw between 45 and 50 watts. Video card GPUs typically have a higher power consumption of around 75 to 80 watts.

Another factor to consider is the brightness of your laptop screen. Maximum brightness typically draws an additional 15 watts per hour.

It is unlikely that you will get accurate figures with manual calculations. But you can use it as a guide.

If the figure is about 60 watts per hour, using the laptop for 8 hours will cost you about 7 cents a day.

If you want to be accurate, you can use a meter that measures your electricity usage.

You can buy one of these and then use it through a power outlet to know the exact amount of watts your laptop is consuming.

A meter that measures power consumption starts reading the power consumption when the charger is plugged in.

It is normal to find that the consumption is close to the charger’s maximum power (eg 60 watts per hour).

Another test you can do is to see how much energy your laptop components consume from a fully charged battery.

There is software that can measure this so you get an accurate reading. Also, read How to Overclock Laptop GPU?

1. Screen Size

Laptops have different screen sizes, and the larger the screen, the more battery they use. Laptops 12 to 15 inches in size typically draw around 60 watts per hour.

While laptops with screens over 17 inches draw an average of over 70 watts per hour.

2. Laptop Model

Another factor that determines how many watts a laptop uses is the laptop model. Gaming laptops use more power than simple laptops.

And the power usage of gaming laptops varies by model. Some models can draw more than 100 watts per hour on average.

In conclusion, don’t forget to consider these factors when asking, “How much power does my laptop use?” I can give you a general answer.

Some other factors may consider 1-15 watts per hour of screen brightness depending on the amount of light. Other important components are the hard drive (SSD/HHD) and RAM.

It may not be possible to provide accurate consumption figures this way. Approximate values ​​will be known for estimating the cost of electricity.

How Many Watts does a Gaming Laptops Consuming?

Gaming laptops fall into a different category. Because almost everything is better. Because it has the best performance, it is heavier and bulkier.

Gaming laptops have everything from powerful processors to long-lasting battery life.

Well, first you can check the wattage rating of the charger that comes with your gaming laptop.

One example is the Acer Predator Helios 300 which comes with a 180-watt charger/

This indicates that the maximum power consumption of this laptop will not exceed 180 watts per hour.

However, the maximum power rating of the Acer Predator Helios 300 is 135W, so the gaming laptop won’t exceed the adapter’s maximum power rating.

But sometimes the power consumption can be higher than the laptop’s maximum power rating. then the charger capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference in Consumption Between PC and Laptop

Laptops use less power than PCs. The components of a laptop are closely interconnected. Many types of laptops consume more power than basic laptops.

Do Laptops Use a Lot of Electricity?

Laptops with dedicated graphics cards consume more battery than standard laptops. The screen size also indicates the power consumption of the laptop.

Laptops consume more than 30-70 watts per hour. However, the power consumption depends on what the laptop is doing.

Screen brightness affects power consumption. So, smaller-sized laptops consume less power to operate.

Besides, keyboards on laptops with backlights consume more power.

How much Battery does the Laptop Use?

The average lifespan of a laptop battery is generally considered to be around 1,000 charge cycles. This number may vary depending on the brand and battery of the laptop and how it is used.

It’s also important to note that performance can still degrade over time. It’s hard to say how long a single charge cycle will last on a laptop as it depends on several factors.

Some laptops have batteries that can last for tens of hours, while others (especially gaming laptops) tend to only last up to 4-5 hours.

How Do I Check the Battery Status of my Laptop?

To generate a Windows 10 battery report, open an elevated command prompt and type powercfg /battery report /output “C:\battery-report.HTML”. A message with the saved location is displayed.

How can I make my Laptop Battery Last Longer?

To extend the battery life of your laptop, change the power profile to sleep, lower the screen brightness and turn off the keyboard backlight.

Turn off the laptop when it is not in use or put it into hibernate mode after a short period of inactivity.

What is the Power Consumption of a 17-inch Laptop?

We tested over 221 laptops from different brands and found that, on average, a 17-inch laptop draws between 87 and 91 watts per hour.

How Much Power does your Laptop Use When you Plug it in?

One of the things I’ve realized is that I use more energy when I connect and use my laptop than when I leave it on standby.

On average, whenever I plug my laptop into a power source, it uses about 50 to 100 watts.

The amount of energy my laptop consumes depends on the type of laptop I have and the charger.

Larger laptops tend to consume more energy than small ones.

Do Different Laptop Brands Consume Different Amounts of Watts?

Many people think that different brands of laptops will have different amounts of wattage. However, even products from HP, Acer, and Dell, all have the same amount of power.

The amount of wattage depends on configuration, graphics, etc. The higher the quality of these parts, the more power they consume.

If the above models are just ordinary business laptops, they use around 60 watts per hour.

Can I Use My Laptop While Charging?

This question is asked by many people when using a laptop. You can use it while your device is charging.

It does not significantly affect the quality of the product, so you can use it with confidence.

However, regular charging and use will cause the temperature inside the device to rise.

It will shorten the life of your computer’s battery in the long run.

So, if not needed, you should disconnect power from the device if the battery is still good enough for use.

Do Laptops Use Less Energy than PCs?

Well, there’s no question about the fact that a laptop consumes less power than a PC because it has so many components.

There are several types of laptops that consume more power than standard laptops. So, let’s take a look at how many watts a laptop uses and what factors depend on it.

How many watts does a 15-inch laptop se?

The 13-inch type consumes only about 45 watts per hour. Not only that, the line of laptops consumes much less than gaming laptops as the configuration of this product type is not high.

Including the Acer Predator laptops. A typical 15-inch laptop draws about 60 watts per hour. However, this is not the exact amount it consumes.

Energy consumption depends on several factors that you may not be aware of.  Charging, screen brightness, running software, graphics card usage, etc. are just a few things that can change the power consumption.

How Many Watts does Apple MacBook Consume?

If you’re a Macbook user, you should know that the typical 13-inch Macbook Pro draws 61W of power as supplied by the charger, while the 15-inch Macbook draws 87W/h.

Based on the assumptions above, you can easily calculate how much electricity you can consume every day and for a week.

A Macbook consumes an average of 61 Watt/h, or 0.061 kWh, and operates for about 10 hours a day.

So that’s about 7.32 cents a week, or 51.24 cents total (which costs 12 cents/kWh of electricity).

Gaming Laptop Power vs Basic Laptop Power: Which is More?

Gaming laptops have more power than basic low-end computers. Because it comes with a better quality display, higher graphics, higher adapter wattage, higher CPU, etc.

How Many Watts Does a 15.6-inch Laptop Consume?

We tested the specs of around 237 models and found that, on average, most 15.6-inch laptops draw around 60 watts of power.

Do Desktops Consume more Power than Laptops?

Laptops are energy efficient, and consumption is at the heart of laptop computers that consume significantly less power than desktop PCs.

As we all know, desktop computers are permanently connected to a power socket.

Because desktop computers require pure power to match the larger desktop capabilities than laptops.

However, there are differences in energy efficiency differences between notebook and desktop models.

It’s true for everyone that laptops that consume more energy can consume more energy than desktops that consume less energy, but laptops always use much less power than desktops.

As you already know that laptops only consume up to 60 watts per hour, desktops consume around 300 watts per hour, and if you have a large monitor or dual setup monitor you will need an extra 50 watts.

However, laptops are 20% more power-efficient than desktop computers.


There are certain factors that most laptop users don’t care about or are not concerned about. If you are curious and have been trying to understand everything about the machine you have been using for many years or want to figure out the energy consumption of the machine you plan to get, we are here to help.

Gaming laptops often have clear configurations and graphics to ensure that the user experience is always guaranteed. So this product usually draws quite a lot of watts. Specifically, the model uses 70 – 120 watts per hour.

Models with advanced graphics also consume more power than usual. For example, today’s most popular gaming computer series, the MSI Creator 15M A9SD-044, can draw up to 180 watts for this model to work.

I hope this article is useful for you. If you have any question then you can ask me to hit the comment section bellow, I am here to answer you.

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