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Your Surface Pro 4 Docking

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Although Microsoft stores will likely tell you that your old Surface Pro 3 dock will not work with the new Surface Pro 4, the company says it actually will. Microsoft is working on creating a spacer that will allow for the two to work together with full functionality. You can reserve one at myservice.surface.com.   […]

The Asus GX700 Water-Cooled Laptop

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You might ask what the point is of having a laptop that needs to be water cooled, but if you are a hard core gamer, that question probably won’t even come to mind. This new Asus was showcased at the recent IFA trade show for consumer electronics. The Asus GX700 is overclocked and water cooled. […]

The Toshiba Satellite Radius 12

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The Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 two-in-one has a lot to offer including the sixth-generation Skylake processor from Intel. The 12.5 inch 160 pixel IPS display is so sharp it the certified and calibrated by experts from Technicolor. Not only that, but using the Windows 10 software, you can log in using your face; no more […]