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Chrome OS Not Being Phased Out

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When the Wall Street Journal made the announcement last week that the Chrome OS was going to be folded into Android, a lot of people panicked. However, Google has since commented on the statement, making it clear that Chrome OS and Chromebook is not going away. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Google says […]

Why Have a PC?

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Although having a PC is great if you want a lot of power and options such as the ability to add RAM or switch out a hard drive, but most people just want to have a computer that goes where they go. In that respect, a lap top will win every time. With a lap […]

Lenovo Yoga 900 Challenges Microsoft Surface Book

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Lenovo has released the new Yoga 900 laptop, which challenges the Microsoft Surface Book and its versatile dual-fulcrum hinge. It is created with 800 pieces that gives it a 360-degree rotation. Aside from the super hinge, the Yoga 900 is only 0.59 inches thick and weighs a miniscule 2.8 pounds. Inside all of that is […]