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Checking iPad Pro Stylus Battery

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Checking the battery on your iPad Pro laptop stylus battery can be inconvenient, but they actually offer an easy way, they just hid it in the Notification Center. Go to the Notification Center. Tap Edit at the bottom of the screen Tap Plus next to Batteries In line with Batteries is a three-line icon. Drag […]

MSI Releases New Heroes of the Storm Skinned Laptops

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This past weekend, the Taiwan computer manufacturer MSI debuted its new Heroes of the Storm skinned laptops. The popular Blizzard online multiplayer game worked in conjunction with MSI to create the skins for three of its G-series gaming rigs — the GT80, the GE62 Apache, and the GT72 Dominator. The new versions are being released […]

Zolt Finally Going to Ship

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Having debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year, folks have been wondering when they were going to be able to get this pint-sized laptop charger. The 70-watt laptop charger is also capable of charging smartphones and tablets, as well, at the same time. The small charger is due to start shipping November […]

Overview of Laptop and PC Cooling Fan Coolers

Opting to use a laptop or PC cooling fan serves the essential purpose of ensuring your laptop does not overheat. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to use our laptops for any longer than a few minutes. The laptop and computer circuitry which is composed of the CPU, integrated circuits, transistors, etc., all generate a […]

Guide To Choosing Accessories Like The Universal Laptop Power Supply Adapter

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Universal laptop power supply include a great range of supplies that are great accessories to have around. Some of the more popular accessories for accessories are the universal laptop power supply , universal notebook power adapter, laptop power cords, laptop hard drive adapter, notebook power supply, laptop holders, among others. Laptop Accessories According To Their […]


Laptop Carry Cases and Latest Trends

Laptop carry cases have become a part of the style statement nowadays. There is a huge range of laptop bags available in the market now. These ranges from leather bags to fabric bags, backpacks to shoulder bags, daily use to airline use bags, and official use to college use laptop carry cases. Some of the […]