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Dell Laptop SSL Certificate Security Problem

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A pre-installed SSL certificate named eDellRoot may allow hackers to reverse engineer the signing key to allow unsafe traffic onto your computer by making it appear legitimate. This is similar to the Lenovo problem earlier this year with the adware program Superfish. So far the security problem has been found on the Inspiron 5000, XPS […]

Chrome OS Not Being Phased Out

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When the Wall Street Journal made the announcement last week that the Chrome OS was going to be folded into Android, a lot of people panicked. However, Google has since commented on the statement, making it clear that Chrome OS and Chromebook is not going away. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Google says […]

Ranking Microsoft Tech Support

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With Microsoft just bringing the Surface Pro to market, in addition to already offering four models of 2-in-1s, some have wondered how their tech support fares for those having issues and questions. The folks at wondered the same thing and put Microsoft techies to the test. It looks like they did pretty well, scoring […]

Dell Adamo: The Slow But Smooth Worker

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If you want to buy notebook that is battery efficient and much simply configured than any other notebooks. The Dell Adamo is the notebook for you. It has a much sleeker and exquisite design. The Dell Adamo makes you feel like you are holding an expensive laptop computer. Design: * The Dell Adamo has a […]


Dell Studio 1537: The Batista of the Cyber World

Now here comes a laptop that gives as much as it gets. If you want to buy notebook with almost everything in it, the Dell Studio 1537 is the one for you. Here are a few reasons why. Design: * The Dell Studio 1537 is such a looker with its red rim and cool heavy-duty […]