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Checking iPad Pro Stylus Battery

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Checking the battery on your iPad Pro laptop stylus battery can be inconvenient, but they actually offer an easy way, they just hid it in the Notification Center. Go to the Notification Center. Tap Edit at the bottom of the screen Tap Plus next to Batteries In line with Batteries is a three-line icon. Drag […]

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro

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According to when it comes to a showdown between the Apple iPad Pro versus Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro comes out on top. It was close, but at least in one side-by-side, The Surface Pro 4 wins because of the built-in kickstand, mini DisplayPort, full-size USB port and microSD card slot.  

MacBook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book

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Microsoft has boasted that it smokes the Mac Book with twice the speed, but the folks at PC Advisor tested it for accuracy. Actually, the Surface Book is three times faster. That is, if you are comparing it to the MacBook Pro 13. When you lay down the gauntlet, you have to expect someone to […]

How to Find the Best Laptop for Photographers

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When considering the best laptops for photographer’s things to look for include visuals, photo editing capabilities and storage. A variety of features are available for photographers however you want to make sure you purchase one of the best photo editing laptops. Some laptops come preloaded with Adobe’s Photoshop while others have their own photo editing […]

The Apple MacBook 13-inch: The Cyber Cassanova

Apple never really stops with the innovations. To answer to the dire need for technological advancement, they have come out with the Apple MacBook 13-inch. This is a sleeker and much more efficient Apple laptop model. Design This Apple MacBook 13-inch boasts smooth black matting with a glowing silver Apple logo in the middle. This […]


The Apple MacBook Pro: A New and Improved Version

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In the tradition of the beautifully efficient Mac Book comes the next legend when it comes to power and purpose. Welcome the Apple Mac Book Pro. This Apple Mac Book Pro is another superb laptop model from Apple. Design: * The Apple Mac Book Pro by far is the better version from the Apple notebook […]