Overview of Laptop and PC Cooling Fan Coolers

Opting to use a laptop or PC cooling fan serves the essential purpose of ensuring your laptop does not overheat. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to use our laptops for any longer than a few minutes. The laptop and computer circuitry which is composed of the CPU, integrated circuits, transistors, etc., all generate a lot of heat while the PC or laptop is functioning. A laptop and computer cooling fan is thus responsible for ensuring that these parts can continue working. Fans for laptops are able to carry out this function with the aid of the heat sink.

Heat Sink

Though cooling fans for laptops are responsible for providing the cooling effect, a mechanism is needed to conduct away the heat. While the heat is minimized by cooling, conducting away any heat enables the PC or laptop to function more effectively. This is the heat sink’s main function. Most people may not have any idea as what the heat sink looks like or where it is located. In most laptops, the heat sink is quite close to the cooling fan and same goes for a regular PC. Its appearance is quite unique resembling sheets of metal stacked together. If you are still curious about it, just pop open the back of your laptop and you will see a similar object close to the fan.

Cooling Fan Problems

Often, a laptop or a PC cooling fan tends to have some problems which vary in difficulty. However, it is necessary that once a problem has been noted, it is dealt with. Most fans for laptops tend to have one similar problem, dust clogging.

As a computer cooling fan ages, it tends to accumulate a lot of dust. The more dust your fan collects, the harder it is for it to continue functioning properly. After a while, most tend to making strange grating noises with complete breakdown being inevitable. However, you should never wait for the laptop or PC cooling fan to completely breakdown as it may hinder your work. Instead, listen for the cautionary grating noise, and then act quickly. Usually one will have two options at this stage: complete laptop or computer cooling fan replacement or the USB fan.

Complete Fan Replacement

Whenever your fan begins to have problems, it should signal that you have to carry out some maintenance. More often than not, the maintenance will be in the form of complete laptop fan replacement. This can easily be done by yourself in the comfort of your very own home. Moreover, the replacement fan is quite affordable.


Don’t feel like manually changing the normal fan? That’s okay. Just invest in an external fan such as the USB fan which then carries out all the duties of your normal fan. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular varieties of cooling fans for laptops and PCs. Just browse through various websites to fine the perfect laptop or PC cooling fan according to your needs.

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