The HP Dv5z 1001x: Onward to the Future!

The HP Dv5z 1001x is another product of HP the leading computer manufacturer in the U.S. The model has a wide array of features one will surely enjoy. The HP Dv5z 1001x is a very compact little machine that is aimed for consumer satisfaction. One would not regret it if he buy laptop.


* The HP Dv5z 1001x has silver keyboard matting that will surely have users drooling. Not only that, it shies away from the usual laptop features that others have with its glossy monitor display quality and largely spaced keyboard, it gives the user a chance to enjoy utilizing and typing the letters.

* Its black colored lid really adds to the viability of the product. Buy laptop if you love aesthetics as well as functionality. With that as your goal you’ll never go wrong with the HP Dv5z 1001x.

Main Features

* Also the consumer would want to buy laptop HP Dv5z 1001x for the optical media drive which employs blue ray technology and is built in. Buy laptop if you aim for long battery life and as mentioned great display quality.

* The touchpad is spacious enough to navigate as with most computers of HP. The connectivity ports are evenly distributed and well insulated. It is protected from overheating.

* A person should buy laptop like the HP Dv5z 1001x because it is light weight and can fit into a standard laptop bag. The HP Dv5z 1001 x is a very handy device for travel.

* The RAM memory is fast enough for documentation and typing. Media playing activities would have ample time too in the HP Dv5z 1001x. Buy laptop for this purpose and more.

* As time passes the HP Dv5z 1001x is proven to be very durable. It is safe to use for long hours of work. Buy laptop for professional as well as personal usage.


Not only does the HP Dv5z 1001x give out full optimum performance, it also makes internet and word processing easy because of its great speed. Buy laptop HP Dv5z 1001x and you will never go wrong.