HP HDX16t: A Real Beauty Inside and Out

The HP HDX16t at first glance is a real looker with its captivating silver streaked pattern and titanium frame. This design really gives the computer a chance to be given a second look. The HP HDX16t’s design really is an enthralling sight to see.


* The HP HDX16t is a great media player with the presence of the web for cam and other related programs installed. Buy notebook as it is LED backlight capable and luminous keyboard enabled.

* The keyboard is equipped with spacious keys much like the Dell Studio. Buy notebook for the high resolution and clear backlight features. The touchpad is large enough for the fingers to move in.

* As for the size and weight it is quite heavy but can still fit in a standard sized bag, this is peculiar because of the small size. Buy notebook if you do not really go out of the house that often for its quite heavy to transport.

* Fast processing speed can be seen. Buy notebook for efficient work performance. The HP HDX 16t also has high screen resolution. It has brightly colored visual quality.

Connectivity and Performance:

* As for connectivity, the HP HDX16t has the usual connectivity ports: USB 2.0, Fire Wire and Bluetooth. It is also equipped with a Blue Ray DVD player. Buy notebook to enjoy these connectivity options.

* Performance gets a fair score of 4.0 given its I GB memory. It is still enough for most computer work. Buy notebook as a working machine and not as an entertainment machine.


* The HP HDX16t has short battery life. Only 80 minutes, not even enough to watch a full movie. Buy notebook for the aesthetic and work value. The HP HDX16t is truly a working laptop, also movie watching would be a downer because of the constant hanging.

* The volume would still be pretty low sounding at maximum. Using headphones are strongly suggested.


The HP HDX16t is a fairly functional laptop computer. Buy notebook for strict documentation and processing purposes only. For full media enjoyment plug it in.