Dell Studio 1537: The Batista of the Cyber World

Now here comes a laptop that gives as much as it gets. If you want to buy notebook with almost everything in it, the Dell Studio 1537 is the one for you. Here are a few reasons why.


* The Dell Studio 1537 is such a looker with its red rim and cool heavy-duty design. The logos are imprinted all over the computer. The rubber padding on either side serves as an added protection.

Cool Features:

* The luminous keyboard helps alleviate the hazard of typing in the dark. This can be dimmed to save battery life. It also has a very evenly spaced keyboard that would make typing all the more comfy.

* In addition buy notebook for the easily accessible buttons and other media drives. The Dell Studio 1537 also offers a multitude of navigable features such as the built in web cam.

* Buy notebook if you want to enjoy longer battery life. With its 9 cell battery pack, the Dell Studio 1537 packs a punch with a total of 6 hours of working time. This shows that it can withstand watching for 2 average movie hours and more.

* As for connectivity, buy notebook for its various ports which is left on both sides of the notebook. This removes the worry of damaging the cords behind the computer. It has the usual 2.0 USB port, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities.

* The LED backlight gives the user a clear view of the screen. Buy notebook to have beautiful screen resolution. The Dell Studio 1537 is the brightest computer there is.

* As with other Dell computers, upgrading is also possible with the Dell Studio 1537. Buy notebook for a lot of upgrade options. Faster speed also would come out of upgrades.

* The size and weight is a non-issue. The many features have a consumer overlook this. Buy notebook for the speed and aesthetic value to boot.


The heaviness of the notebook can be overlooked. Buy notebook for the other features. The Dell Studio 1537 has more to offer to compensate for the weight such as the at par performance fit for long jobs and heavy-duty internet use.

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