The Apple MacBook 13-inch: The Cyber Cassanova

Apple never really stops with the innovations. To answer to the dire need for technological advancement, they have come out with the Apple MacBook 13-inch. This is a sleeker and much more efficient Apple laptop model.


This Apple MacBook 13-inch boasts smooth black matting with a glowing silver Apple logo in the middle. This logo glows when the laptop is turned on. The hinges are durable enough to have the lid securely fastened onto the keyboard latch.

Another design innovation the Apple MacBook 13-inch is the detachable keyboard that can easily be removed for maintenance. Buy laptop and you will have an easier time checking it out for periodic maintenance.


There are many cool features that will make you want to buy laptop. The Apple MacBook 13-inch has a spacious touch pad that allows better navigation. It also has the accompanying remote control that allows you to operate the computer from far distances

In addition is the blue ray CD-DVD drive that allows fun movie and video watching. It gives the owner a clear view of the movies because of the bright display.

As mentioned the bright display of the Apple MacBook 13-inch is even more optimized by its glossy screen. The overly bright screen can be reduced with a push of a button. Buy laptop for your optimum viewing pleasure

The Apple MacBook 13-inch does not have that big a RAM capacity but the capability of RAM instillation would definitely make one want to buy laptop.

As for connectivity the Apple MacBook 13-inch offers the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. It  also has ports on either side for better connection. Buy laptop for optimum connection and speed.

The Apple MacBook 13-inch also has the Intel 2500 Core Duo processor that has been fixtures with most Mac Books.


The size and weight of the computer cannot be overlooked. Being that the Apple Mac Book13- inch is quite heavy. One has to buy laptop bags that would match the size of the computer. The Apple Mac Book13-inch is surely one laptop that can pack a punch.