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New Origin EON17-SLX

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The new Origin EON17-SLX can easily replace your desktop computer, because essentially it has the power of a desktop. Origin has opted to put a full desktop chip rather than a quad-core CPU into this laptop. While you get smokin’ gaming speeds, you will also need an extension cord because this baby sucks power. Then […]

Checking iPad Pro Stylus Battery

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Checking the battery on your iPad Pro laptop stylus battery can be inconvenient, but they actually offer an easy way, they just hid it in the Notification Center. Go to the Notification Center. Tap Edit at the bottom of the screen Tap Plus next to Batteries In line with Batteries is a three-line icon. Drag […]

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro

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According to when it comes to a showdown between the Apple iPad Pro versus Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro comes out on top. It was close, but at least in one side-by-side, The Surface Pro 4 wins because of the built-in kickstand, mini DisplayPort, full-size USB port and microSD card slot.